Real Funding Partners adds Green Energy to list of approved lending insudtries

Leaders at Real Funding Partners announced  last week that allocations are being made to fund green energy projects.

Solar, turbines, water conservatin and  green excavation  companies that meet revenue requirements have been added to Real Funding Partners list of approved industries.   Small business owner can now tap into consumer lending programs offering financing for solar and many other projects.

We have announced that business owners will now

be able to offer finance services and get customer approvals in real time from any computer.


Once approved business owner can log in and submit loans getting approvals in minutes.


Offering financing to customers with less than perfect credit  is converting

more calls to sales.  Turn browsers to buyers.  Get business that is normally lost!

We offer financing platforms for many different needs.

Small business loans $5000 to $150,000.

Commercial Property loans for investment properties/

Contact me and I’ll email you a PDF file on your area of interest.
Please leave a message as these programs are slamming our phone lines with inquiries.

If you email I’ll personally email you an application and link.

Small business to consumer loans 1- 30K – sell more with financing for average credit borrowers!
Business Loans 5-150K
Commercial, Construction, Real Estate Flips, New Business Ventures, Solar & green home improvements,
medical practice, and restructuring business loans and debt.  Six underwriting platforms with hundreds of lending programs.


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