Real Funding Partners – Small Business Consumer lending program

Real Funding Partners helps small business owners and commercial property owners borrow money and restructure debt.  Also, Real Funding offers  solutions for small business customer financing through multiple automated lending platforms.

Real Funding Partners
The construction and green energy industries are showing signs of life.  As a result of recent economic data financial institutions have loosened qualifying criteria for business owners.  Enhance you business with full spectrum lending.  Get more customers approved with our automated system from your PC.  Impress customers with lightening fast loan decisions.  Provide a home for loans that are declined.  Revive dead deals.We also do hard money loans, commercial construction, small business micro loans $ 5 – $150k and much more.

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Jason Harmon Real Funding Partners

2 responses to “Real Funding Partners – Small Business Consumer lending program

  1. Does any know about the Florida market. Do you have people in Florida? My brother and i own a building we bought at auction and we cant get any financing for he property. It was damaged in a storm three years ago and has been vacant for about 20 months. I’d like to pull our 270,000 we own the property and it appraised for 440 in December 2011.

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