New Lending Options for Small Business Owners

Finally, small business owners have been given a break.  Lets face it with millions of small business owners

in the US, business lending should be easy right?  Yea, not so fast.  Business lending has been showing signs of life

lately and small business owners now have lending options that look at other options other than just credit reporting and scores.

New on-line automated underwriting takes in account Alexa ratings, Googles Page Rank and even visitors to your page.

Think your websites important now?  You should because decision makers are quietly integrating tools to keep an eye on and measure the value of

your business.  Oh you dont have a Facebook page for you company.  Well, you dropped the ball on that one.  Hopefully that name of your company is not taken.

Scoring systems also look at Manta registrations and links in key directories.  So borrowing money may not be as tough as you thought.  We find that many business owners with poor or below average credit guideline think they can not obtain financing.  The truth is, credit is not the most important variable for many business loan types.  Online presence, measuring cash flow, credit, experience in industry / sector play a  big part.  Want to discover how your business finance score?   Need to burrow 50,000 to 5m.

Set up customer financing $2,500 – $35000 customer loans.  Get borrowers approved from  your PC.

Real Funding Partners – New England Commercial Lending

Jason Harmon is an associate with Real Funding Partners in Massachusetts





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