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Real Funding Partners provides solutions for business owners and commercial borrowers to refinance, cash out or acquire commercial property. Real Funding Partners also offers business lending  solutions with lending a comprehensive group of funding partners.  With in house underwriting you can apply, track and approve and close your loan from you office.   With billions in commercial loans maturing between 2012 and 2014 Real Funding Partners is positioned to provide solutions in a complex commercial market.  Get your loan input on teh phone or internet in minutes an let us shop the market and get you approved today.  Flexible  Commercial Solutions –  contact Jason Harmon 508-216-0525  Real Funding Partners

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Commercial loans are structured with shorter terms and have little resemblance to residential loans. Real Funding Partners Jason Harmon explains that “commercial loans typically have a balloon payment or refinance call date” that occurs typically five, seven or ten years out. Between now and 2013, $1.3 trillion in commercial loans – for property types including  shopping centers, commercial office, apartment buildings, industrial – manufacturing , motel hotel and self storage – are coming due. Real Funding Partners offers commercial refinance programs to match borrowers with complex commercial loans based on many variables.  Recently  Deutsche Bank of New York was quoted in a CNBC interview that “at least 45% of the 2013 commercial debt  maturing will face near impossible odds at being able to re-qualify for a new loan. Forbes in February of 2012 ran a similar article.  To make matters worse , conservative analysts estimate that over fifty percent of commercial debt maturing in the next twelve months will not qualify for new “bank commercial loans”.  Real Funding Partners Jason Harmon explaines that borrowers with good credit will find a scarce availability of money in traditional commercial banks. Losses, combined with reduced property values over the years has resulted in massive losses and further exposure for commercial lenders.  Its the banks dirty little secret; the truth will eventually come out. Real Funding Partners has tapped 200 billion in private money to assist in this heavily anticipated financial wave of commercial activity.  Real Funding Partners Jason Harmon can be reached at jharmon@realfundingpartners.comIf only part of these forecasts come true difficult times lie ahead for the commercial market and  US economy.Real Funding Partners Tara Armstrong / Real Funding Partners