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Home Improvement Company in Louisiana is one of the First of its Kind to Go Mobile and also Offer In-House Financing.


Ahead of the game is what this home improvement company has come to be known for. Now with Mobile QR codes for discounts and in-house financing for customer convenience, they are the ones to keep up with in the home improvement industry.

May 10, 2012 –  Lafayette, LA.   A-Team Home Improvements Company LLC, a popular remodeling, construction and home improvement company, is now offering its customers discounts that can be scanned from QR codes on their mobile phones, seemingly to be one of the first in the industry to begin this technology. They have also recently added in-house financing, another big customer attention grabber, to their long list of services provided to its customers.

Taking the lead in technology and financing are all part of A-Team’s core mission; to improve customer service and gain loyalty in the south Louisiana area.  All too often the customers convenience and needs  are lost in the shuffle of a busy construction company, due to all the other minute details that must be adhered to when it comes to providing the customer exactly what they . But David Bernard, General Manager of A-Team Home Improvements, LLC located in Lafayette, LA has set the bar higher for other local remodeling and construction companies to keep up.  Along with these new services the company has long offered a “Mobile View Switcher ” of its website since its inception.

And with these two huge customer service announcements comes a third one for the forward-thinking company. They recently became licensed by the state of Louisiana not only for residential construction, but also for Commercial Construction. The long list of services provided by A-Team include installation of Vinyl Siding, Windows, Skylights, Shingle and Metal Roofing, Flooring, Patio Covers, Painting, Sheet Rock work, Black-ins, Specialty Metal Construction, Room Additions and more.

Mr. Bernard went on to say that the construction workers now show a sense of pride to be working for one of the most cutting edge construction companies in the Louisiana area.

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