Real Funding Partners -Want cash? Is private lending a match?

Real Funding Partners – Private Lending
Private lending has become a buzzword recently and signs point to an expanding market for private money lending.
The word private loan can be anything from getting a personal loan for $500 to funding a $100 million commercial loan with a private funding partner. This overcomes almost any obsticle a borrower may have. You typically will pay a higher rate but you can get a loan from the bank or you would be reading about private lending. Bank have simply depleted their available cash to lend and have tightened lending standards to reduce lending. Until they are able to clean up all the bad loans on their book it will be this way for the forseeable future. This opens up private lending companies to a host of new clients. Do you have a project you need to finance? Nedd business Financing?

Jason Harmon
Real Funding Partners

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